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Dear Potential Seller,

When deciding which company to represent your interests in selling your home, there are certainly many things to consider.  We have designed our marketing strategies and agent protocol to concentrate on the most successful tools to get your home sold. 


A few short years ago, things like newspaper ads and open houses were tools that agents used to successfully market their home.  Now, we must all factor in that the real estate market has slowed, the banking industry has restructured its lending practices and the internet is the number one resource for buyers.  Cerwin and Company constantly monitors and studies HOW HOUSES GET SOLD!  The study of how buyers think, how they react and then how they decide to make offers is the key to getting houses sold!


The internet has become such a prominent part of a buyer's research today.  Our statistics tell us that the best way to get information to buyers is through sites like Realtor.com which is fed from our Multiple Listing Service entries.  Also, buyers maximize their time by shopping through the listings via virtual tours.  If they can't see enough of your house to spark an interest, it is often not included in their list of homes to further investigate.  We spend our money wisely making sure our listings are marketed smartly.  If buyers are looking there, we need your home to be there!  Internet marketing is a very large part of advertising these days!  Our new interactive website also serves as a platform to highlight your home.  Every one of our listings has access to professional photography which is then used to share your information via brochures, online email blasts and various websites.


Equally important is pricing and condition.  Our agents excel in helping sellers do the things that will attract buyers.  We tell you how to spend the smart money on things to do in preparation for marketing your home.  We will then counsel you on the most strategic tool - which is pricing.  We use methods that combine 1) knowing how an appraiser will eventually rate your home and 2) finding a price point that will attract an offer and always use those strategies in determining price.  Most of all, you can be assured that we will tell you truthfully what to expect.  This is your best ally in the selling process - knowing the reality of your market and competition.  It is essential to what we stand for to be truthful to you as to what your house will bring.  Although it may be a hard pill to swallow, the truth is that informed sellers make smart decisions that ultimately maximize their profit.


We promise the best in customer service and we believe that delivering on that begins and ends with communication.  You will receive instant feedback from each and every showing and recommendations to keep your house visible and viable to potential buyers. 


Your trust in your agent at Cerwin & Company starts now..





Renee Cerwin

Broker In Charge



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