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In the fall of 2008, when many area real estate firms were beginning to lose agents and cut back on staff due to the economic slowdown, a Charlotte Realtor was talking about and laying the groundwork for a new type of agency.

  Renee Wicker Cerwin entered real estate after a successful 10 year career in marketing.  A native of Newberry, SC and a graduate of Clemson University, she moved to Charlotte in 1984.  Starting at an entry level position in sales with Commercial Management Corp., a hotel management company, Renee ended her career ten years later as the Director of Sales and Marketing with that same company, where she was responsible for 50+ sales representatives, their  marketing plans, the implementation of those plans and as a result, their production.  On one rare week, she was in Charlotte long enough to meet chiropractor, Eric Cerwin.  They were married shortly thereafter and very quickly had three children who are now 23, 20 ans 18 years old.  Renee chose to be a stay at home mom until their youngest child was in 5-day preschool while Eric was branching out on his own, opening Cerwin Clinic of Chiropratic and Sports Medicine, forging his dream of operating under his own ethical standards.  Eric quickly became team Chiropractor for the Carolina Panthers and Rick Hendricks Motorsports in addition to building his solo practice.  Taking leads from one another, this very Type A team soon recognized that Renee's itch to return to corporate America was becoming a full-blown plan ready to be implemented! 

   Always a self-motivated and self-reliant agent who out of necessity worked primarily from her home office, Cerwin began to realize that going into her firm office was counter-productive to her streamlined lifestyle.  While her firm provided her an office, desk, phone and support staff, she realized she was much more productive when working out of her home office.   Keeping ears and eyes open, she began to realize that many of her fellow agents worked much the same way.  Very old and well thought out pen and paper plans came to life and she seriously began to envisioned gathering a group of like-minded agents who  did not need or require the structured office environment and as a result could take advantage of her idealized higher commission split.  She shortly began bouncing this idea off her husband and anyone else who would listen although this was not an idea that Charlotte's real estate market was ready to accept. 

   The one caveat that continued to place a stop sign in the forefront  of her planning process, as much as she dreamed of creating a more free and productive environment for agents was that she did not have the desire to be a manager.  Her love was to continue to do what she does best- sell real estate.  She needed someone in that position with the experience and the desire to oversee agents to join her firm.  Enter Irma Hoffman, long time Broker-in-Charge with a top Charlotte firm, recently retired.  Hoffman's inital retirement plans included, first of all, enjoying some time to herself and then possibly doing some consulting or training.  After chatting and digesting the plans for the this new venture, she decided to join the Cerwin team and found herself back at work as Broker-in-Charge of the new Cerwin and Company Real Estate.

   The mission statement for the new firm was simple:  assemble a dynamic group of agents accustomed to handling the details of their own transactions, who are committed to conducting business with the highest degree of integrity (no exceptions).  The company's business model is designed to keep overhead low, therefore being able to provide an unprecedented, very high commission split to agents.  Add that to the environment of genuine support and positive unpretentiousness and you will find that Cerwin and Company is unique to Charlotte and poised to weather any change in the real estate market. 

   The first year was spent fine tuning business and marketing details but by January 2010, Cerwin & Company's goals were cemented and their focus firm.  We focus on the proven:  relationship building.  Most importantly, we will  provide off the charts customer service to our buyers and sellers.  Simply put, our company is not a company that has to "undo" the past to get a grip on the future.  Irma Hoffman stepped down in the spring of 2010, after helping build the foundation of our company.  With that "Irma nudge", Cerwin has settled into her job as Broker in Charge.

     This is a business of highly competitive and often ruthless and unethical people.  At Cerwin and Company - we are different!  We love what we do and we do it not because we have to but because we love it.  As one client said recenly, "wow, you really are a real estate agent who cares."


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