It's A New Day in Charlotte Real Estate...
As the national real estate market continues to adjust to the fallout associated with the recent mortgage crisis, many agents have had to make adjustments to their business acumen, their operating budgets, and start to re-think how to grow their business in new ways.  They feel they must work smarter, find their place in the world of internet marketing and position themselves for a new day in real estate.
   For many of us, change is hard.  But this time, we are forced to make wise decisions that affect our profitability.  Many agents have decided to ?retire? from active agents to a referral business or re-invent themselves in another field or workplace.  Whatever your situation, I want to share with you a new concept available to Charlotte Realtors.
   Several things have happened in the last couple of years that hugely affect real estate brokers.  We have almost overnight gone from a marketplace of  Who's Who in the business.. to Who's Going to Stay in the Business. Long time builders and developers are out of business. The big box agencies are closing offices to save money.  New shingles are popping up everywhere while it is hard to keep up with which agent went where!  While we are in a business built on relationships, the amount of change in the last few months can make your head spin!
   All the while, there has been a new company forming with one single focus. Cerwin and Company- whose sole focus is to create a new environment for its agents to succeed. Market up or market down, this new vision of the way you do business is incredibly simple- support. What does it take to WOW clients now?  What does it take to walk into an appointment and come out with a listing every time?  What makes your clients feel that you are forward thinking, problem solving and working to get the most exposure, showings and best price for their house?
    It is a combination? Power, Strategy and Presence.  You have to have a presence in your market - It used to be based on the number of offices your firm had and in what parts of town.  That is just not the case anymore!  Presence is very simple now - it is Internet Presence.  Statistics now show that more sellers visit you online and often NEVER step foot into your physical office!  If it is about their home or their contract, you come to them- at the most important address of all? THEIR address!  You would never think of having them get in their car and drive across town to your office to sign papers or review contracts.  All of our paperwork is done via fax and email to save everyone time and money.  However, you can bet your internet presence is important to them because it places their listing in front of buyers and their agents.  Same is true with buyers, who rely on the web to do their research.
   Power- It is not about a company name on a sign anymore.  Power is about the professional power the agent has to work efficiently and negotiate the best deal for his clients.  Power is about getting the most  effective marketing plans, implementing those plans into showings and communicating feedback back to the sellers.  You put the power into the hands of your buyers and sellers with your knowledge and experience to guide them through even the most complicated transactions.  Power is training.  Power is always seeking more knowledge to re-think how you conduct your business.  Power is growing your business in a down market because you work smarter with referrals from past clients that respected your quality of representation.  Power is keeping more of your commission so you have the power to get creative with how you use it to grow your business.
   Strategy- is all about your map to success for your clients.  At Cerwin, we give you all the tools you could possibly need to develop a winning strategy for each client- buyer or seller.  We link you with training options that provide you with the latest information of what is working for other realtors across the nation.  We interact and share ideas at our meetings, creating a partnership for growth and achievement. We provide the support- without the fees.
   At Cerwin, you are a partner in our success and we are instrumental in yours! It is a new day in Charlotte real estate!

Renee Cerwin, Owner / Broker In Charge 
Cerwin & Company Real Estate - the new face of Charlotte real estate

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